Information we collect

Here, in this privacy policy, we have mentioned all our terms and conditions regarding our services. We collect the information that is provided by you in order to avail our ‘Service’. This information mainly includes your name, e-mail address, telephone number, address and any other detail which may come under the category of ‘Personal Information’. We never expressively collect personal information from children below 13 years of age.

How your personal information is used by us?

The personal details that we collect from your usage of our Service are used to:
(i) Promote our service and our other available products.
(ii)Send you urgent notifications or necessary messages.
(iii) Give you a response to your questions or suggestions.
(iv) Improve our service and products quality after analyzing your feedback.

We may make use of your e-mail address, telephone number, SMS address or any other personal contact details to send you the notifications regarding our new services, features, products, specials, promotions or other offers we provide with our Service, or for improving or confirming our customer service.

Opt-In and Opt-Out Policy

We assure you that we will never share your personal details in any way except those mentioned in our privacy policy, until and unless you specifically make a choice to provide your personal details to any third party by choosing the “opt-in” option on our service. Although, the selections that you opt for will not share any of your personal details with any third party. Moreover, you can anytime opt-out of any selections that you made previously and also of getting any form of notifications or messages at your own will by simply getting in touch with our Customer Service. If you opt-out of receiving our messages or wish to delete your personal details from our database, it may influence the facilities that you utilize while using our services.


we may also collect some technical details of your device that you use while using our services. The information that we gather may consist of details of your operating system and the web browser which you use, your UDID and your IP address which is a unique information regarding your device. You can be automatically given a ‘cookie’ each time you use any of our services. However, these cookies never hold any kind of personal detail that is related to you. You may choose not to receive a cookie just by setting your device as such to deny any cookies whenever you see any cookie prompt. If you choose to block a cookie, then by doing so you may restrict yourself from availing the fullest use of our service. Besides that, we can use cookies and other third-party advertisements' technology to show ads which may suit your requirements whenever you visit the websites where we display the advertisements. Additionally, we may also use web beacons which are provided to us from our advertisements serving partners, in order to manage our online advertising.

To improve the Quality of Our Sites

Details of your device can be gathered by us for the purpose of appraisal of the efficiency of content and traffic of our Service. Using these details, we try our best to bring more comfort in browsing our site for you and to improve the quality of our Service. We do not collect any detail related to your activities made on other sites or track your IP address. However, we may collect data related to you and your usage of our Service which can be gathered with other details collected from the other websites or in any other way which may be used in the manner which does not include your personal information or does not personally identify you. This type of collected statistical data or information may be used by us to enhance the quality of our Service or else in another way that we may regard as appropriate.

Notifications regarding any Changes

We totally have the right to modify or amend this document of Privacy Policy at any time and due to any reason. In case, we try to use any of your personal information gathered from you in any different manner apart from those listed in this privacy policy, we will definitely notify you using our available communication channels such as e-mail or phone and provide you the liberty to opt-out of the use of our service. Besides that, if any changes are made in our privacy policies, then we will notify you through a noticeable message on the Service which we will display to tell our users regarding the changes made. Along with putting the notification, we will also drop an email for some of our users, in a few cases, about the changes made in our privacy policies.

Our Customer Support

In case you need any help regarding the usage of our Service or you have any other queries related to this Privacy Policy or our Terms and Conditions, you can contact our customer service providers anytime as they are available 24x7 at your service.